Letter from Education Service Center Region 11

Dear Lockett Family Foundation,


The Migrant Education Program is so grateful for the coat donations we received for our migrant families.  We were trying to get donations for them since October through other agencies but were not successful.  We were so excited when Mr. Johnson shared with us that he was able to provide brand new coats for our families!  I was overjoyed when we not only received coats but also hats and gloves!  The donation we received was enough to provide coats for the families that requested them initially and also we were able to give coats to the new families that came into the program after our initial request!


We were also so thankful for the $300 gift card you provided to one of our families in need.  Without that donation this particular family would not have been able to purchase the basic things needed after all they have been through.  The mom was a victim of domestic violence and left everything behind when she decided to leave.  Your donation was a light of hope for this family and we are all immensely grateful!


Thank you,


Analy Gillum

Migrant Education Program


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