Love, Optimism, Compassion & Kindness

We stand upon our founding principles of love, optimism, compassion and kindness. These four words led us to create our newest program, Community L.O.C.K.

LOCK stands for Love, Optimism, Compassion and Kindness.

One example of how we “LOCK” the community is the story of “Jane Doe”. Jane spent many years in an abusive relationship. One day she decided she couldn’t handle the abuse anymore. Jane took her five children and moved to a secret place where they could all be safe. Jane and her children left with only the clothes on their backs.

Lockett Family Charitable Foundation helped Jane get on her feet by giving her a donation to help her purchase groceries and household items for her new home. Walmart gift cards were provided to Jane and her family so that they could start their new life in a positive way. Why did we do it? Because we care!

For the sake of her privacy, we have covered Jane’s face. anonymous

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