North Texas Giving Day 9-19-19

Why I Give 1North Texas Giving Day is Thursday, September 19th. We need your support to reach our fundraising goal of $10,000. It is ironic that North Texas Giving Day falls within the month of September. September is Hunger Awareness Month. We firmly believe that every child deserves three healthy meals a day, as well as the opportunity to receive a high quality education.
We are asking you to support the nonprofit organization that we started in 2016. Over the past three years Lockett Family Charitable Foundation has provided brand new coats to over 200 children and youth in Tarrant County. We have provided fresh fruit and healthy snacks to over 100 children and youth in Tarrant County. Earlier this year, we started a pantry at Edward J Briscoe Elementary School in South Fort Worth. Next month we will open another pantry at Christene Chadwick Moss Elementary School in Southeast Fort Worth. Our goal is to improve academic achievement by eradicating the issues of hunger and food security that make it difficult for children to focus in the classroom.
We are passionate about improving the quality of life for underprivileged children in Fort Worth and throughout the world. Please help us continue the fight against hunger, food insecurity, poverty and hopelessness.

You can be recognized as one of our special sponsors by making a donation of $5 or $1000. We have several affordable sponsor levels that will fit your budget, including:

Bronze $5

Silver $10

Gold $25

Platinum $50

Emerald $100

Sapphire $250

Diamond $500

Lone Star $1000

Donating to Lockett Family Charitable Foundation is as simple as following a few simple steps:

Go to

Click on Donate Now

Choose the amount you would like to donate

Answer the questions on the donate page

Enter your payment method


Thank you in advance for your donation. We appreciate your support.

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