LFCF Visits G.W. Truett Elementary School

Great things are happening in Mrs. McMahon’s class.

Lockett Family Charitable Foundation Founder & Executive Director, Jerome Carlos Johnson and his wife, Debra Walton-Johnson visited Mrs. McMahon’s 4th grade class at G.W. Truett Elementary School in Dallas, Texas. It was a refreshing experience to see 4th grade students show so much excitement and enthusiasm about reading. LFCF donated  26 brand new books to Mrs. McMahon’s class, including award winning books like “I Am Loved” (by Nikki Giovanni), “A Storm Called Katrina“, “The Roots of Rap“, “I Am Enough” (by Grace Byers),  and “Hair Love” (by Matthew A. Cherry and Vashti Harrison).

The students greeted the Johnsons with loud cheers, high fives and fist bumps. Each student created a Thank You card to express their appreciation to Lockett Family Charitable Foundation for donating books to their classroom.

#LFCF #BecauseWeCare

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