All-Star Dads Honored on Father’s Day

Lockett Family Charitable Foundation honored four amazing men this weekend. Our organization is built upon the belief that strong families build strong communities. In a world that is consistently filled with negativity and bad news, we wanted to take the opportunity to promote positivity. Lockett Foundation’s Executive Director, Jerome Carlos Johnson stated to the honorees, “We want to build up and uplift the men who are working hard to be positive role models for their families and communities. There is enough negativity and division in the world. It’s time to lift each other up and go back to the days of being a village for our youth.”

There was a total of seven nominations received. All seven nominees were worthy of honor and praise, but the Lockett Foundation Board of Directors ultimately chose the following nominees to be honored as All-Star Dads: Alonzo Sims, Craig Ladkin, John Rogers and Keith Cook.

Alonzo Sims was nominated by his family for being hardworking and dedicated to being a wonderful role model and consistent provider. Mr. Sims is described as a father who is always there.

Mr. Alonzo Sims with Lockett Foundation Founder and Executive Director, Jerome Carlos Johnson.

Craig Ladkin was nominated by his daughter, Tierra. When asked to describe her father, Tierra stated, “My dad has been an ever-present positive influence. His ability to care for both his daughters and granddaughter is such a blessing. He is a firefighter that has helped our communities tirelessly. He deserves to be recognized for his self-sacrificing grace.”

Craig Ladkin and his beautiful family.

John Rogers was nominated by a local community leader, who described John as a humble community servant and a dedicated father who aspires to be an inspiration to his children. He is equally passionate about being a role model for other children in the community. He has been a mentor and guide to many children and wants to help other men inspire and empower children in our community.

John Rogers with his children.

Keith Cook was nominated by his daughter, Ke’Irii Cook, who describes him as a loving father who is always there for his children. (No photo available)

Each of the honorees received a gift from Lockett Family Charitable Foundation to express our gratitude and appreciation for their hard work and dedication to their families and communities. We are thankful for this year’s Lockett Foundation All-Star Dads. We also want to applaud the other nominees: Curtis Davis, Keith Thomas and Danny Jones, Jr. Thank you to all of these amazing fathers who work diligently to keep their families safe and strong. We salute, we applaud you, we appreciate you and we recognize your great contributions to our community.

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